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Carlos A. Navarro is a Cuban-American Pop Artist. He began his career as a successful professional but that life was not a fulfilling one for him. Instead, he chose to venture into his life long passion for Pop Art. Since his early childhood he has shown a talent and passion for art, later in life that passion bloomed into the profession he holds today. Carlos has fused his culture and passions into his art to make it his own style.
My sculpture / fountain is done! If you're cruising in Coral Gables on Le Jeune Road at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Boulevard by Dixie Highway (in front of Epicure by Village of Merrick Park) you will see it. The inspiration and idea for this sculpture, fountain and plaza came to me after I read a book titled "The Book of Love" written by Kathleen McGowan, which in part had to do with the labyrinth and rose motif window which can be seen at the Cathedral of Chartres in France. When I was approached and subsequently commissioned to design a piece for the Gables Ponce project, I had recently completed the book so these things were fresh on my mind. Knowing as I do the history of Coral Gables and George Merrick's original vision for the city, of incorporating European inspired themes and architecture, led me to believe this was the perfect opportunity to bring together the history of the city with my inspiration. What I set out to create was a multi functional work of art that incorporated the original, old world concept of the labyrinth and the rose motif and interpret them in a contemporary, interactive application. The typical labyrinth design throughout history is that of a large, flat and 'walkable' one. I created a 'labyrinth' that for starters is not flat, and although it cannot be walked upon, it can be 'walked' by following the path visually as you walk around it. The cascading water adds movement and sound adding to the meditative qualities. In the labyrinth at Chartres, once you arrive at the center there is the rose pattern which is also flat. I designed the rose as I did so that it would rise, be visible in it's own right and to tie in with the rose motif in the stain glass window at the cathedral. I also set out to expand out from the sculpture and extend the design and materials (mainly the red marble) onto the floor to create a plaza reminiscent of and capturing the feel of the many great plazas found throughout Europe. I designed this piece incorporating iron, granite and marble, particularly the stone comprising the labyrinth, to also recreate the feel one gets when visiting the historical sites throughout Europe.

Carlos A. Navarro
Disclaimer: Some of the art on this site may not be suitable for children.

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