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Cuban American Artist, Carlos A. Navarro Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month as Guest Illustrator on the

Cuban American Artist, Carlos A. Navarro has been chosen by the creators of the "Baldo" comic strip, to illustrate one of their Sunday comic strips. It will be featured in nationally syndicated newspapers on October 16, 2011.

The creators of the "Baldo" comic strip have commissioned several Hispanic artists to illustrate their own version of the Baldo comic strip to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month. Hector Cantu, co-creator of "Baldo" stated, "It's a way for us to shine a spotlight on fellow artists who are doing incredible art, and giving them a chance to have their work published in the Sunday funnies". The "Baldo" comic features the daily woes of teenager Baldo Bermudez and his family. This comic takes a light-hearted satirical look at the Latino experience as well as that of American youth. Among the six artists chosen for this project is Cuban American artist, Carlos A. Navarro from Miami, Florida.

Carlos was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to New York for the early part of his life. Carlos' initial artistic inspiration came from Dali and Picasso. In New York the Pop Art movement inspired Carlos. Carlos A. Navarro developed his own style by combining traditional Cuban themes from his heritage with modern elements and perceptions. Carlos focuses on creating art that is both meaningful and memorable. Navarro is proud of his Hispanic heritage and the "Baldo" comic strip is an outlet for him to share his work with a diverse community of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic people. This is important for Carlos since he identifies himself as both a Cuban and American and feels that his art reflects that.

Carlos was chosen to illustrate his own "Baldo" comic strip because of his talent and undoubtedly it is his distinctive style and concept that grasped the attention of creators Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos. Castellanos contacted Navarro about this project and from there, pop artist Carlos A. Navarro began to draft his sketches and ideas. Cantu and Castellanos are undoubtedly excited to see the illustrations these artists have sketched and on select Sundays newsprint and online readers will also be able to see and read how each of these artists celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Carlos has released a sneak peek of his work for this comic strip on his Facebook page and website. His "Baldo" comic will be out October 16, 2011.

Carlos A. Navarro
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